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AT&T Uverse began in 2008 as AT&T’s name for its high-speed internet, telephone and IPTV services. By using fiber optic technology and computer networking, U-verse can offer customers advanced digital TV, high-speed Internet, and digital home phone service as a fully integrated package.

We all use technology in virtually every aspect of our lives, and AT&T U-verse allows us to do so more efficiently and at great prices. But with a U-verse coupon code, you can save even more! Don’t see an acutal coupon code? No worries! U-verse regularly offers savings on bundles, promotion cards, free premium channels and more. We all know that technology can be expensive, so I have listed the AT&T U-verse coupon codes and offers with the largest and best savings.

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What is Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)?

IPTV brings HD television to viewers using the Internet with computer networking. A specific IPTV set-top box is connected to both a TV and high-speed Internet connection where it takes the code from a phone line and translates it into video and audio.

How do I Get U-Verse?

U-Verse is not available in all geographic areas, so the first order of business would be verify availability. You can place your order online which often provides increased savings on bundles. You can even check the status of your order and installation appointments online, as well. If U-verse is not available in your area, you can request to be notified when it is.

As broadband speeds continue to increase, some of the biggest service providers in the United States are moving away from old-fashioned technologies that run through existing copper phone lines, or coaxial cables, and toward new, fiber optic connections. These connections exchange pulses of electricity for pulses of light, allowing them to be longer, more efficient, and more capable of offering high broadband speeds to large numbers of customers. One company that has already made that switch is AT&T. The company’s UVerse suite of services is based on “fiber to the premises,” or FTTP. This allows for lightning fast data, clear television picture quality, and excellent digital telephone service, all with a rather affordable price tag.

The advantages of using AT&T’s Uverse services are numerous, and include the company’s low subscription prices, large number of speed and programming options, and the ability to bundle all of the company’s services onto one bill. That even includes AT&T’s wireless division, which is among the largest in the nation. Customers looking for speed, affordability, and convenience, need look no further than AT&T’s fledging fiber optic offering.

Excellent Speeds at All Levels for Subscribers to UVerse

One of the best things about AT&T’s fiber optic internet service is that customers can expect far higher speeds than with competing DSL options. That’s because fiber optic cables are able to transmit much higher amounts of data overall, and they aren’t hampered by the length of the actual cable itself. They’re also not impacted by the distance of the subscriber’s home from a central processing unit where the network routes connections and determines speeds.

That means AT&T can offer incremental increases, offering just as much speed as customers quire. While DSL services are often capped around 6 or 7 Mbps download speeds, AT&T’s Uverse offering manages to offer customers connection speeds up to 24Mbps. Best of all, the company’s incremental price plans can be combined with an ATT Uverse coupon code. That allows customers to get great deals on installation, equipment, and ongoing monthly service discounts.

Great Prices for Customers at All Speeds

Even without an ATT Uverse promo code, the company’s products are almost exceedingly affordable. The company’s entry-level plan, which offers download speeds of up to 3Mbps, costs just $38 per month. That’s far cheaper than competing options from cable companies or satellite providers, and it represents a great value. Prices increase as the company’s available download speed increases, with the highest-end package offering 24Mbps download speeds for a monthly price of just $63.

While the $63 monthly fee might sound a bit steep for internet service, it’s worth considering the competition. Verizon, which also offers a fiber optic internet solution, charges $69.99 for its entry-level product. That entry-level offering comes with download speeds of just 15Mbps, representing a significantly slower connection than AT&T’s 24Mbps option. Better yet, customers can actually reduce their monthly service fee by entering a UVerse coupon code during the checkout and installation process. The company has been known to offer service and equipment discounts for the length of a customer’s tenure with the company just by using those Verizon FIOS promotion codes.

The Ability to Bundle Represents a Big Opportunity to Save

Aside from a AT&T u-verse coupon at checkout, there is a great way to save when choosing AT&T’s fiber optic high speed internet service. The company is one of many internet providers that gives its customers the ability to “bundle” multiple services together in an effort to save money on each service. And, because AT&T offers wireless phone service as well as internet, television, and landline services, there are plenty of ways for customers to get a great deal.

When customers combine their ATT UVerse coupon code 2013 with a bundled package of multiple services, AT&T takes of a pretty sizable percentage of each service’s cost. At the high-end, AT&T takes off a full $10 from its fastest internet package. In addition to the savings enjoyed by customers on their telephone, wireless, and television bills, this represents a big opportunity to get more from the company while paying less each month.

A Clear Picture for Those Who Bundle Television Service

AT&T’s embrace of fiber optic internet technologies is rather similar to Verizon’s offering, with one major departure. While Verizon uses traditional coax-fed television services, AT&T has actually opted to use a service known as IPTV. That means that the television signal itself is downloaded from the internet, rather than streamed through coaxial cables. The difference might sound highly technical, or maybe even negligible, but the benefits are big.

AT&T’s picture quality is, by far, one of the best on the market for customers in the United States. That’s because the company isn’t constrained by the limitations of copper cable. Those cables were never meant to carry a large number of high definition channels; instead, their original intention was to carry standard definition signals to a large number of subscribers. Because AT&T has essentially freed itself of this limitation, the company is able to deliver video that is far less compressed. That means it’s less grainy overall, and has less “fragments” in the picture.

The choice of IPTV delivery over traditional copper wire services also allows AT&T to offer more high definition programming options to its customers than many of its competitors. After all, the company is using the virtually limitless amount of broadband rather than the relatively limited amount of copper wire. Sound quality is better, and the on-screen guide is able to be updated far more quickly than competing options from the major cable companies around the country.

Expect Fewer Slow-Downs and Better Voice Calls with UVerse

The benefits of IPTV are a direct result of fiber optic cable, and that 21st century cabling has a few benefits that extend beyond the television, as well. AT&T’s broadband customers can expect more consistent performance from their internet connection overall, as it’s not subject to any bottlenecks due to copper cabling or the company’s “central office.” DSL customers are familiar with at least one of these bottlenecks, as homes further from the central office are subject to slower speeds. Similarly, cable companies warn their customers to expect slower speeds at peak times due to their antiquated wiring.

Because AT&T is free of both limitations, the company’s maximum download speeds at each price point are available consistently. There is no variation in the service’s speed or usefulness at peak times of the day. Avid evening internet users will find no reason to get frustrated and walk away; instead, they’ll be treated to one of the best internet connections America has to offer.

The same benefits make digital voice service with the company even better than it is on competing networks. AT&T’s VoIP landline service enjoys unparalleled quality, largely due to the benefits of FTTP, or fiber to the premises. Calls are more reliable, with fewer of them being sent directly to the company’s own voicemail solution as a result of a low internet connection speed or an unexpected delay. And each call sounds far better than it does on cable company options, partly because there is more bandwidth available to handle the call itself.

If that makes a landline sound tempting again, after years of wireless-only cellphone service, it’s no surprise. The company gets consistently high marks across the board for its digital phone service, with many customers remarking that they had no idea their calls could be so crisp and clear. It might just be the best — and most affordable — way to maintain a landline for those rare instances when a mobile device simply isn’t getting the job done.

A Sensible, Budget-Friendly Option in Available Markets

AT&T’s UVerse is available in quite a few metropolitan markets across the country, and the communications giant is expanding to new markets all the time. With prices that undercut the competition, and services that have easily outpaced competitors like Verizon and the major cable companies, AT&T’s Uverse is a great way to get premium service without premium prices.

Best of all, an ATT Uverse coupon code can sweet the deal even further. Customers can use such a code to get discounted or free equipment, lower monthly service rates, and special add-on services — all without sacrificing their already-tight budgets. To get started, check the company’s website for service availability and then build a package. This easy process will make the available savings clear — and exciting.

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